About us

The company was established in 1992.

We are specialized for production of atypical switch boards and controlled transistor and thyristor power supplies. We have a huge experience with utilization of high-power semiconductor components and their applications into welders and transformers.

To our process belongs metal manufacture in the direction for metal plate processing, press-braking and perforating on the CNC presser machines TRUMATIC. We manufacture low costed switch boards and generators. The surface of the products is made from powdered technology in the tone RAL.

In accordance with demand of the market we make a huge variaty of our products and put the accent on their high quality. Our repairs of the welders bring economy savings to our customers. We garantee quality and also a short delivery time of our products.

When you take from us more products, we offer quantity discount.
We will be glad if you become our stable business partner.

Manufacturing programme:


· DIN rail TS 35* 7,5mm. This is ideal for installation and fastening to the switch boards.Steel is galvanic zinc-coated and passivated.
· Voltage changer from 12 V DC to 230 V AC, 50 Hz, suitable for back-up of the circulating pumps of the central heating when it is blackout.
· Small diesel asynchronous and synchronous generators how the customers wish
· Sources for driving required value of the voltage, current, temperature and speeds.
· Electrical switch boards for measuring of the power consumption with direct and indirect measuring.
· Freestanding/ movable switch boards
· Manufacturing atypical switch boards from stainless steel
· Servis and selling the welders
· Servis and selling the forklifts